Baton Rouge real estate agent says he has a deal to buy The Bluffs golf course | Business


A Baton Rouge realtor said he has a contract to buy The Bluffs golf course near St. Francisville.

Millard Callicott of Saurage Rotenberg Commercial Real Estate said he created The Bluffs Legacy LLC to save the course designed by Arnold Palmer.

Callicott said no closing date has been set for the sale and he could not comment on his plans for the course.

The course has been closed since September 2021, after Jerry Dodson, the Baton Rouge attorney who owns the course, said he was tired of subsidizing the costs. Dodson also owns The Bluffs tennis courts, pool, nature trail, and fitness center.

Dodson and his business partner, Kenneth Carter, purchased the Bluffs and several adjacent lands in 2015. At the time, the two developed several potential developments, including a retirement village, conference center, housing and other amenities.

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But Dodson said the course did not generate enough money and had to be subsidized by owners. The pair began negotiating to sell the properties to a nonprofit made up of landlords and other Bluffs members in May 2018. Carter died of a stroke a few months later.

In April 2019, a group of Bluffs residents purchased the golf course from Dodson and Carter’s successors for $3.15 million. Dodson said he loaned the new owners money and they returned the property to him in June 2020.

Dodson said he spent $1.5 million on improvements to the Bluffs, such as renovating the clubhouse to Feliciana Reception Center and rebranding the restaurant to Palmer Grill. “We were convinced that if we did this it would increase traffic,” he said.

He said he ended up spending about $300,000 a year to subsidize the cost of operating the golf course and recreational facilities.


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