Bernal Heights, CA’s Best Realtor: Homes Are Selling Incredibly Fast


The pandemic continues, with more and more people getting vaccinated. The pandemic has shifted many people from their previous ideals of life to something more traditional.

People working from home and students working online for classes mean more people are home during the day. This means space is needed, with many people wanting a home office for the majority of the work area. Other important elements include a courtyard, sufficient space for neighbors and quick access to the city.

Danielle Lazier and her team at Vivre Real Estate are the top real estate agents in Bernal Heights, CA. It has seen house prices increase by an average of about 25%. Condo prices have risen about eight percent. This is a small sample of overall real estate sales in the area, but one thing is absolute.

“The median sale price is not going to drop any time soon. People are looking for and willing to spend the best dollars for the best locations,” Lazier said, speaking as best realtor in Bernal Heights, CA.

In addition to the stable median price, the average time to sell a house has decreased significantly. In January 2020 it was around 33 days. In 2021, it fell to 14 days. Condo sales, however, increased by about ten days, from 60 to 70.

Those looking for a new home in the Bernal Heights area should contact Lazier and his real estate agency in Bernal Heights, CA. The website also contains comprehensive listings of available properties. To visit for more details.

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