Celebrity stylist, high-end real estate agent and entrepreneur, Kamran Razmdjoo does it all


Kamran Razmdjoo is a rapidly rising name in the fashion world. Whether it’s his striking fashion sense, his potential in the real estate market or his entrepreneurial fashion brand, Kamran Razmdjoo is a man of undeniable talent.

Getting your outfits noticed on Instagram as you work your way through the fashion industry as a stylist seems like a fever dream, right? Yet Kamran’s passion and style led to exactly that. After posting his outfits on Instagram, he quickly started assisting celebrity stylists and from there the sky was the limit. Her work includes both male and female clients, across the globe. From red carpet looks to editorial shots, Kamran has done it all. Her clients are athletes, high-end celebrities and artists. His work is important globally, but especially in Los Angeles, Europe and the Middle East.

Kamran’s experience involves working with Harsh Kapoor, Barbie Blank, Travis Mills, Maluma, Black Coffee, Shai Alexander, Migos, Tyga, The Chainsmokers, Hami Diallo, Nicole Williams and Tohi.

Expanding his talents and interests beyond styling, Kamran is also involved in the high-end real estate industry. He believes that style and real estate go hand in hand. This realization hit him when he realized that many of his clients were not local and needed suitable accommodation when visiting or moving to new cities, and so he launched a real estate application called “MyNxtHome”. Kamran is also the co-founder of a fashion styling company named KMSTYL. He has been quoted several times as saying that he would like to have a fashion line that he can establish globally.

Kamran’s learning outlook and desire to try new things while pushing his limits is what keeps him on top of his game.


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