Estate Agent NRV Helps Displaced Families After Apartment Condemnation in Pulaski


PULASKI, Va. (WFXR) — More than a dozen families were forced out of the Pleasant Hill apartment complex in Pulaski last week due to apartment condemnation. Now, members of the New River Valley community are offering to help.

RE/MAX 8 real estate agent Scott Bunn says it’s about giving back.

“We’ve always said we wanted to be valuable to our community,” Bunn said. “In these moments of crisis, you know, if you don’t step in, do you say what you’re doing?”

After seeing the emotion coming from the displaced families, Bunn knew he had to step in and help in any way he could.

He says the idea of ​​how much money families had to spend in less than 24 hours was hard to watch. As a result, the real estate company stepped in to help.

“We have a 112-unit storage facility nearby,” Bunn explained. “We gave [those families] a prorated discount. You know, even though they were in and out of it, we weren’t emphasizing our normal fees.

Relocated tenants were offered free storage for the remainder of March, as well as free use of the RE/MAX moving truck.

Bunn adds that as a realtor, it’s hard to see condemned properties when the New River Valley is already running out of affordable housing.

“I’ve been saying for about a year that if 100 houses were built at the same time tomorrow, they’d all be sold tomorrow. I mean, we’re really, really short. It’s just buyers who have no opportunity, you know, in the price ranges they can afford, there’s just nothing for them,” Bunn said.

He called it a “crisis at every level,” especially at entry-level rental prices.

Bunn says it’s surprising to know that people live in places that are in such poor condition, adding that it’s mind-boggling that the owner of the complex didn’t realize the condition of these apartments. That’s why Bunn says he’ll keep helping.

“Pulaski County has been a big part of my success, so I have a special place in my heart for this community,” the realtor said, “and I want to be there to help them.”

Any displaced family seeking assistance is asked to call 540-818-5383.


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