gupta builders: 4 frauds against a real estate company | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: Police have registered four separate fraud FIRs against property company Gupta Builders and Promoters Private Limited, adding to the list of nine cheating cases already filed against its directors and some employees.
In their complaints, Ramesh Kumar and Manju Rani, both residents of Phase X, Mohali, alleged that Satish Gupta, Raman Gupta, Pardeep Gupta and others duped them out of Rs 36.31 lakh under the guise of selling plots to New Chandigarh.
The two had reserved plots of 125 square meters in 2019. Amit Kumar and Yogesh Yadav, both brothers residing in Kishangarh, the alleged directors of the company and others tricked them out of Rs 25 lakh under the guise of selling two residential plots in Mohali.
All four lodged a complaint at the public counter of the SSP. Jaidev Singh, a resident of Kapurthala, alleged that directors and employees duped him out of Rs 54 lakh on the pretext of selling residential land in Mohali in 2021. In a separate cheating case, Ramlal Thakur, a resident of the area 48, alleged Lokesh Kumar of Dev Associates, Sector 8, and Dev Home Infrastructure, Sector 17, cheated him out of Rs 69.25 lakh under the guise of selling a first floor in Sector 19. The plaintiff alleged that he was looking to buy an apartment in Chandigarh and he met Lokesh Kumar in 2018. Later, a mutual consent was reached to buy a 20% share of the house in Sector 18 for Rs 77 lakh.
The execution date of the apartment register was set at or before April 25, 2018, and the plaintiff allegedly handed over a check for Rs 20 lakh and Rs 2.75 lakh as stamp duty in 2018. However, the accused did not reach the registrar’s office with the owner of the house on a fixed date and the plaintiff canceled the case.
Again, the plaintiff prepared to purchase the first floor of Sector 19 and the deal was finalized at Rs 85 lakh. The plaintiff allegedly transferred a total of Rs 69.25 lakh via RTGS to the account of Lokesh and his wife in 2019, but the accused allegedly did not run the house register on his behalf. Sector 20’s Ashok Kumar alleged that Lokesh Kumar cheated him out of Rs 63 lakhs on the pretext of selling a house in Sector 7 in 2018. On his statement, the economic crimes wing registered another cheating case against Lokesh .

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