I’m a real estate agent – two things you need to change IMMEDIATELY when moving into a new house


Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure.

You immediately start planning the layout and imagining what your furniture and decor will look like in the space.


A real estate agent shares her tips for moving into a new houseCredit: Tiktok/brittanyq_realtor
There are a few items that you should replace immediately


There are a few items that you should replace immediatelyCredit: Tiktok/brittanyq_realtor

A real estate agent named Brittany Quataert, who goes @brittanyq_realtor on TikTok, said there are certain things you should do as soon as you move into a new place – and many of us forget about them.


A top priority, Brittany said, is changing air filters — because who wants to be in a house full of dirty air?

Many people are too lazy to clean them regularly, or don’t even think about cleaning them, so it’s important to have new ones when moving house.


For sanitary reasons, you will also want to change the toilet seats as soon as you get the keys.

While you can certainly scrub them down to sanitize them, why not just spend an extra $25 on a new seat so you can start clean and not have to get dirty.


Along with replacing your air filters and toilet seats, you’ll also want to adjust the locks in your home.

This is an important security measure, as previous owners (and even some of their trusted friends) may still hold a copy of the keys to the original locks.

If your home has codes, like the one for the garage door, you’d better change those too.


Brittany also suggested treating your smoke detectors.

These tools often lose their battery or expire, so you’ll want to check them to make sure they’ll ring in an emergency.


The last advice from the experts was to know where all the emergency stops are in the house.

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You never know when a natural disaster or other type of emergency may occur in which you will need to turn off the water, gas or electricity.

Better to be safe than sorry.

His advice revolved around cleanliness and safety


His advice revolved around cleanliness and safetyCredit: Tiktok/brittanyq_realtor

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