Local realtor’s listing goes viral with photos of ‘wonderfully rehabilitated ex-husband’


PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) — Real estate agent Crystal Ball recently divorced her ex-husband, Richard Chaillou. She said she wanted to shed some light on the situation. It was then that Crystal made a two-for-one deal.

“I decided to test it out and see if I can sell it as a tenant with the house,” Ball said.

The $699,000 listed home featured Richard striking fun poses, flexing his muscles and laying down with a tiger.

Richard Chaillou posing for the registration.(WJHG)

Crystal described her husband as a great cook who will prepare all types of meals for new buyers. She joked that her “XL ears will pick up the crackles” and “the headgear is well worn, mostly bald, like eagles soaring in the sky.”

That’s when the post went viral on a popular Facebook page called “Zillow has gone wild.”

“My company on the California side sent me a report and it had about 55 million views, I was like you could believe it,” Ball said.

Richard said he liked to be clumsy and that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“I don’t mind messing around, you have to have fun,” Chaillou said.

NewsChannel 7’s Sayona Khandwalla recreated the fun poses with Richard.

Richard Chaillou recreating the fun poses from Zillow's viral post.
Richard Chaillou recreating the fun poses from Zillow’s viral post.(WJHG)

So why the tiger? Crystal’s brokerage firm is called “Investors Gone Wild” and they have partnered with the Bear Creek Cat Center in Panama City, so a jungle theme was a perfect fit for its wild roster.

The ex-couple have two boys together. Crystal said divorce would never stop them from being a family. She said that she and Richard will always be long and that she is actually waiting for him to have a girlfriend so she can have a “sister-wife”.

“He’s going to have a really awesome Tinder profile now,” Ball said.

As for the house, it never sold. Crystal said Zillow removed it because it was against policy. She plans to add a bouncy house in the garden and turn it into an Airbnb.

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