Mott & Chace’s Blackstone team launches scholarship and mentorship program for black real estate agents


Monday, March 28, 2022

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In an effort to increase the number of Blacks in Rhode Island’s real estate industry, the Blackstone team at Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International has developed a scholarship and mentorship program.

“The real estate industry, historically, is no stranger to racism. But did you know black home ownership is at an all-time low? Lower than pre-civil rights numbers? And there’s a direct correlation between these numbers and the lack of Black Realtors both nationally and here in Rhode Island Less than 6% of active realtors/brokers in this country identify as Black, although Black Americans make up 11% of Conversely, 74% of active real estate brokers in this country identify as white, although the number of white Americans in this country is 62%,” Taylor said.


In response, the Blackstone team announces the Black Realtor Scholarship and Mentorship Program.

“Our goal is simple, more Black real estate agents in major real estate markets in Rhode Island and across the Massachusetts border. We are committed to being more ethnically and ethnically diverse with the launch of this scholarship and mentorship program , we hope to open the doors to black real estate agents looking to be part of this growing market,” Taylor said.

The program includes: $2,500 initial training and licensing fees; $7,500 initial living expenses; and six months of business mentoring.

According to Taylor, candidates must work with the Blackstone team for six months, approach this as a professional opportunity and be dedicated to building a career in real estate. After the first six months of mentorship, fellows are free to work for whom and where they want.

“Here at Team Blackstone, we pride ourselves on being an economically, culturally and socially diverse workplace. A workplace that is free from biases related to gender, age and sexual orientation. strive to make decisions that not only impact our business in a meaningful way, but our communities as well. We are an equal opportunity network that believes in workforce diversity,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the application process will begin later this year. Learn more here.

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