Real estate agent reviews help sellers find professionals


Over the years, real estate agents have gained a bad reputation in the housing industry. While there are unfortunately those who let their clients down and do very little to earn their commission, that’s not the whole story. Another part of the problem surrounding the bad reputation of agents is that often the general public is unaware of what real estate agents actually do. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to hear complaints about paying a commission to an agent who has sold a house quickly – although the agent’s practices and expertise are precisely the reason for quick sale.

The question then becomes how salespeople might distinguish between agents who deserve the negative labels and those who are outstanding professionals. The simplest answer can be found in real estate agent reviews. While it’s possible to manipulate reviews to some degree, good, in-depth reviews on various platforms can give sellers an honest assessment of which agents in their area are trustworthy and which ones should be avoided.

For one thing, customer reviews on real estate agent websites and independent online forums can be very helpful in getting a better picture of agents’ dynamics with their customers and the types of services they offer. On the other hand, calculated ratings that compare and contrast agent listings, sales time rotations, average asking price achievement, and more. can also be useful in highlighting the effectiveness, knowledge, efficiency and end results of different agents.

By using both subjective customer reviews and quantitative calculations, salespeople can more easily compare and contrast agents to find those most likely to do a good job. Good reviews also build trust and can help great agents gain a bigger share of the market. This way, sellers can be more assured of finding qualified professionals who will put the interests of their clients first.

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