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Are you losing sleep worrying about your customers? Good. It means you have great integrity.

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But integrity isn’t just about wanting to do the right thing. It’s about taking your responsibilities seriously and pursuing the knowledge and skills you need to perform better. That’s why the more knowledge and skills you have, the better you sleep.

Knowledge is the reservoir of information on which you rely to make informed and intelligent decisions and recommendations to your customers. But knowledge does not create success by itself. You need skills to fully utilize and monetize your knowledge.

Skills are how you put everything together to accomplish more with ease and confidence.

A highly skilled agent with high integrity and a wealth of knowledge is unstoppable.

It is possible to have high integrity and a wealth of knowledge but low skills.

These agents know what their customers need to do, but somehow they can never get the message across. As a result, they are often disappointed in their careers.

It is possible to have great integrity and highly refined skills, but not have the deep foundational knowledge upon which those skills should be based. These agents make an inordinate number of mistakes and often leave the industry out of sheer frustration, ironically because they have great integrity.

It is possible to have deep knowledge and highly refined skills but lack integrity.

These agents focus on their own needs rather than those of their clients. Despite endless bluster and bravado, they don’t do as well as they like to portray. They rarely get repeat business or referrals, so they constantly have to spend a lot to attract new business. As soon as they stop advertising, their activity stops.

To become a great agent, you need all three elements: integrity, knowledge and skills.

When you can honestly say, “I care, I know, I can,” it’s impossible not to succeed in real estate. And you can stop chasing low-quality “leads.”

The integrity part is an essential prerequisite that cannot be taught.

Knowledge and skills? The more you earn, the easier it becomes.

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