Why was Fairfield real estate agent Nasser Kalache arrested? Fees Explained


Nasser Kalache arrested: why was Fairfield real estate agent Nasser Kalache arrested? Fees explained: According to the latest report, Fairfield real estate agent Nasser Kalache was apprehended after cannabis grow houses were disclosed. Nasser Kalache is a realtor from Fairfield. He was apprehended on Thursday March 24, 2022 by the police, suspected of being involved in drug trafficking and fraud. Ever since the news of his arrest hit the headlines, people have been wanting to know more about him. If you are one of them who wants to know more about him, keep reading. Follow more updates at GetIndiaNews.com

Who is Nasser Kalash?

Nasser Kalache is the 52-year-old suspected ringleader. By profession, he is a Real Estate Agent and Business Development Manager. Kalache has a long history with RW Partners in Fairfield. As stated in customer reviews, Kalache has a good knowledge of the area. He sold more than 2 properties this year.

Nasser Kalash arrested

Nasser Kalache was arrested for growing cannabis in drug labs. He was apprehended when the vehicle was stopped in Cecil Hills. Additionally, he was charged alongside 5 others for allegedly using the names of the pep[eltogetCOVIDrentreliefasreportedbythemedia[eltogainCOVIDrentreliefasreportedbythemediaoutlet[elpourobtenirunallégementdeloyerCOVIDcommel’arapportélemédia[eltogainCOVIDrentreliefasreportedbythemediaoutlet

Authorities dismantled numerous drug labs grown in Sydney-area homes in 2021. The drugs were worth around $2 million. The investigative team quickly discovered that the substances were linked to the crime syndicate. They eventually discovered that real estate agents allegedly used the sublet homes to grow cannabis.

Why was Nasser Kalash arrested?

After the investigation, cops had also identified numerous fraudulent claims submitted under the Coronavirus Residential Tenancy Support Package. 2 partners of Kalache are Sabrina Losciano, 37, and Antonio Fedele, 35. They were detained at Fairfield Police Station. The other 3 are Habib Tomka, 23, Muhammad Al-Nasiri, 35, and Claudyous Isaac, 44.

Al-Nasiri, Kalache, Fedele, Issac and Losciano have been denied bail and will appear in local courts on Thursday, March 24, 2022. In the meantime, Tomka has been released on bail and will appear in court in May. More information about the drug syndicate has yet to be covered.

Nasser Kalash Salary and Net Worth

Nasser Kalache has an approximate estimated net worth of $1 million in 2022. According to the realestate.com.au website, his median selling price is $1.06 million.


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